Book A Dharamshala Tour Packages for Family Trip

Dharamshala, a pictorial hill station in Himachal Pradesh, attracts a large number of tourists comprising honeymooners and families. Newly married Couples must choose honeymoon packages to Dharamshala. If are with your families then visiting the town are suggested to option for vacation tour that include a tour to tea plantations. Activities like a boat ride on Dal Lake must be a part of the journey.

Dharamshala is the most famous tourist spot of district of Kangra. Rent online luxury cars for travel to Dharamshala from Delhi. The average speed of the whole journey is near about sixty kilometer per hour. But this time again may vary due to the route of the bus, traffic and many more factors are there which may affect the timing. This time may be calculated on the basics of air distance only not on the road. Make your holiday amazing with us.



A tour to Dharamshala hill station will attach you with real nature. Dharamshala is famous for their real nature beauty and delightful weather. Lush green coniferous forests surround the quaint hill station, adding to its sublime charm.It promises you hassle-free  holidays that you can enjoy by booking any of the Dharamshala Vacation packages available.


Top 10 Place You Must see in Dharamshala

  1. Dalai Lama Temple Complex
  2. HPCA Stadium
  3. Church of St. John
  4. Bhagsunath Temple
  5. Jawalamukhi Devi Temple
  6. Kangra Valley
  7. McLeod Ganj
  8. Masrur
  9. Kangra Museum and For
  10. Dal Lake (of Dharamshala)

Dharamshala Tourism offers customized Dharamshala Tour Packages to match every tourist requirements. There are a number of tailor-made tours that we are popular and affordable too. Special attention and care is taken to provide adequate time, rest and accommodations while in the tours.

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